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    Emendo provides technical consultancy for the environment, benefiting from 40 years of experience and hundreds of cases analyzed in the field of waste disposal in landfills all over the globe.
    Emendo's remit remains principally the analysis of biogas produced from waste landfills, its quantification, captation, energy recovery and remediation.
    Emendo in Latin means to improve or perfect and this represents our mission on a daily basis.

    Our Services:

    Quantification of Biogas Production and Forecasting Energy Yield

    The landfill biogas production forecast model "BIO" was developed in its original basic format in 1985.
    This calculation model has now arrived at its 7th updating after more than 25 years of application and consequent honing.
    The benefit offered by the BIO model lies in its allying biochemical processing with numerous corrective variables (over 50) thereby increasing forecast accuracy.
    In particular, "objective" data (all too often difficult to source) is now supported by "subjective" data.
    Over the years, it has been possible to compare forecasts developed using the BIO model with effective captation results thereby enabling us to verify the accuracy of the model.
    The probabilistic approach of the BIO model allows us furthermore to identify a variability span in the biogas production curve based on the quantity and accuracy of the variables entered (Best and Worst cases).
    The BIO-7 and BIO-8 forecasting model together with the experience gained from numerous biogas power stations enables us to develop forecasts for the recovery of electricity and/or thermal energy produced by biogas.
    The realistic basis of the data concerning the availability of biogas as a source of renewable energy is indispensable for drawing up an accurate Financial Plan conforming to accepted standards.

    Planning biogas captation plants

    The practical experience arising from the construction and management of hundreds of biogas captation plants enables Emendo to supply a highly professional and reliable range of planning and management tools.
    Each single area in the planning process has been extensively tried and tested in the most disparate sites.
    Each assignment is met with a flexible approach geared entirely to its specific needs. Our clients are landfill owners or operators both public and private, engineering consultants and technical advisors.
    Planning monitoring and remedial systems

    The problems consequent to biogas migration into soil adjacent to the plant are extensive in that the risks are grave.

    Emendo's service covers risk assessment both of the migration carrier (adjacent soil) and of any potential targets at risk.

    Once the magnitude of the problem has been calculated, a plan of action can be developed and implemented forthwith which comprises securing the site and relative remediation works. Follow-on monitoring completes this service.

    This is another field in which Emendo has considerable practical experience of assignments completed successfully.